Sakura Tea to the rescue!

At this point I really have had it with these two. Victor and Gretle are by far the most difficult Sims to play matchmaker for. You know that Sims meme where people say they met someone, hooked up, got married and then got pregnant all in the spawn of ONE day… Yeah, not for this disaster of a couple.

But luck was by my side earlier today! I suddenly got the notification for the Romance Festival in San Myshuno. I tried to avoid super modern scenery so far, because of their whole Victorian vibe, but honestly.. I could not care less anymore! They HAD to go!!

Gretle still isn’t sure about the whole situation

To be fair, this was the most boring Romance Festival I ever been to, but I had to make sure Victor kept sipping that Sakura Tea everytime they did something as simple as flirting. Needless to say it was kind of repetitive after a while, but it seemed to be working, so who am I to complain?

After they got their groove on a little bit more I FINALLY had the option to make these two share their first kiss. Unlike the last time, I tried to make sure everything (and everyone) was fine. They were both flirty, comfortable, no one had to pee or had some weird virus going on… Everything is set.

At last Victor and Gretle share their first kiss!

I let Victor move in for their first kiss and it worked. HECK. FREAKING. YES! I still can’t believe it finally worked!! You can imagine I quickly let them become “official” after this as well… Days of rejection and then one freaking festival and everything is fixed. Sakura Tea, YOU are a miracle worker.


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